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Who We Are

We are professional writers, editors, and designers with years of experience in the field. We know the feeling of ownership and care that goes into your book, and we love to work with authors and help make the most of your hard work.
    We respect the work you’ve put into writing your book and we're to help with the other details. Your book should be as polished as it can be. We offer your book the same finishing touches that traditional publishing provides.
    If you need help with your self-published book, you can get it from Sea Leaf Book Editing. Every book editing, book design, and cover design service we offer comes with personal feedback.

    Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, Sea Leaf Book Editing offers book editors and  book designers throughout the country.

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Shelagh Clancy

Shelagh Clancy is a versatile editor and designer with the skills to see a project from concept to completion. Her work with community writers on regional magazines has given her a quick rapport with authors and an eye for story construction.

      Shelagh is a designer by education and an editor by inclination. She learned graphic design at State University of New York Empire State College and has worked as a book designer, web designer and developer, and magazine designer. Her understanding of the elements of good editorial and cover design gives authors’ work an immediate visual boost.

      Her interest and natural talent in editing drew Shelagh in another direction as well, to additional work as a reporter, writer, and editor. She has written feature stories, technical proposals, blogs, and marketing materials for diverse customers, and she served as editor for regional publications such as Wilma, Livin’ Out Loud, and the Coastal Buzz magazines.

      Shelagh excels at book development and loves to help self-publishing authors achieve their dreams.


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Mary Applegate

Mary Applegate is a writer and editor who is skilled at helping authors turn their interesting characters and events into that exceptional story they long to tell. Her many years of working with a variety of writers have instilled in her an ability to communicate the process of storytelling to others in a straightforward and supportive manner.

     Mary earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Buffalo and a master’s degree in education from State University College of New York at Buffalo. She has spent the last twenty-two years working as a writing specialist at a local college where she helped
students—freshmen through
doctoral students—perfect their writing projects. She edited documents and speeches for the college’s president, and is the author of a chapter in a book about how to teach writing. Mary has also published other short pieces in community newsletters and other publications in line with her eclectic literary taste.

    In any role, she is passionate about her role of encourager, which never changes because it is based on one belief: that everyone has something important to say and everyone’s story deserves to be heard.


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Laura Lewis

Laura Lewis has more than 30 years writing, editing and proofreading experience for newspapers, magazines and an advertising art agency. She also freelanced for People magazine for more than a decade. She is assistant editor and reporter for The Brunswick Beacon in Shallotte, N.C., where she has won numerous press association, corporate, and national awards in writing and reporting.

     Laura has a special ability to find the gold in each author’s work and to make the most of an author’s strengths. Her experience with a variety of community writers gives her an eye for the essential and a generous outlook for working with new authors.

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