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Design Services

Let your book shine! Our design services make a book as attractive as it can be to potential readers, with:

  • Eye-catching cover design

  • Pages designed for clarity

  • E-book formatting

  • Custom design packages with or without editing and marketing services

  • Free consultation

If you will self-publish your book, find the best book design and book cover design services here at Sea Leaf Book Editing.

Cover Design
Despite the adage, people really do judge a book by its cover. Working with you, our designers create an eye-catching cover that expresses the content of your book.

    Whether you publish in paperback, hardcover, or e-book format, your cover material will translate well and be the first voice for your book.

Page design

Chapter headings, numbering, contents pages, and dedications look best when laid out by a professional designer. And you won’t miss any important elements.

    If you have special needs such as photographs and charts, we can make those look terrific on the printed page and in electronic format.

E-book formatting
We will translate your files into e-book or Kindle formats, and everything will still look great.

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