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  • Shelagh Clancy

Sea Leaf Books Goes Live!

Book a visit to Sea Leaf Book Editing. It's been a while in development, but we're happy to announce our website is live!

At our website, some of our favorite authors will testify to our good influence. New authors can see what's cooking in the Sea Leaf kitchen and test the menu for themselves. And we'd love your feedback and book-related questions.

It's high summer in Wilmington, N.C., our home base. It's the perfect time to curl up in the air conditioning with a book, or with your computer if you're writing a book.

If you're writing a book or if you've finished your book, give us a call. Our goal is to make your book the best it can be. We'll hunt down errors and smooth out the rough patches. We can make your book more enticing with cover and text design, and we can help your book get the attention it deserves with marketing assistance.

If you like our site, please leave a comment. We love to hear from you, here and on social media!

Sea Leaf Book Services has a staff meeting
Sea Leaf Book Editing has a staff meeting seaside in Carolina Beach, N.C.

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