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  • Shelagh Clancy

Writing Your New Year’s Resolutions

Do you—like most people—fail to keep New Year’s resolutions? You can still try. Write your resolutions down and tape them to the wall. And at the beginning of every month, read them through, just to remind yourself.

Here at Sea Leaf Book Editing, we believe in turning over a new leaf. That’s why we make resolutions throughout the month of January. It’s never too late for a good idea.

Here are three possible resolutions:

Paint a picture with your words. When you write, or after you write, look at your writing from a visual artist’s point of view. Look for layers, color, and vivid details that lead the reader to the most important parts.

Share your writings. Find a like-minded community to read your writing. This can be a writing group, meetup, or 100% online community, or even beta readers. These people can give you suggestions and help you become a better writer. Oh, and these are your very first editors.

Enter competitions. There are all kinds of competitions—do a search online—and submitting under required rules is great experience for every kind of publishing. You may even win!

Winning a competition comes with bragging rights and public recognition.

Happy 2023!

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